Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thing #24 - Is It the End or Only the Beginning?

One of my favorite exercises was the LiveBinders application. I felt like this is something I could really use to enhance my classroom and help my students learn. Having supplemental activities and web pages readily available to my student will help them succeed in their studies at home, which is probably where the most learning occurs. I also really enjoyed Twitter, and the other social networks, like LinkedIn. Although I haven't really delved into it too deep I think it will benefit both my personal and professional life.

I don't think my lifelong learning goals have really changed too much. However, I definitely have a renewed appreciation for technology and its use in the classroom. Truth be told, I think I learned more from this program than I expected to. I guess I already thought I knew most everything about using technology in the classroom and now I know that I was wrong. For example, I had no idea Creative Commons, LiveBinders, Delicious, or Animoto even existed.

Some of the "things" assigned as part of the program seem a bit tedious. For example, I think I would eliminate #6, #9, and #14 and replace them with other, more constructive "things", that would help teachers integrate technology into the classroom. 

These exercises changed the way I think about technology in the classroom. There are numerous methods for me to share ideas, websites, and videos online with my students. There are also applications that will help me stay better organized, which I definitely need. I plan to keep up with new developments in web 2.0 by subscribing to different news feeds that circulate around the changing scenery in web 2.0 interfaces.

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